Father’s Day


Father’s Day is here again! We love to spoil Matt!

DSC_0228 small

Jackson wanted to get Matt chocolate- every kind of M&M out there! It is crazy how many kinds there are! Besides coconut and cherry, we got all of the rest. Matt thought for sure the dark chocolate peanut M&M’s would be gross, but they were so good! I don’t know if it was because the salty peanuts balanced the dark chocolate, but yummy! The mint M&Ms were surprisingly tasty! I thought it had to be snowy and cold to enjoy minty chocolate, but two thumbs up!

DSC_0230 small

Matt is a hoot! Look at all of the kids laughing!DSC_0234 small

The kids hid the presents in tricky spots this time! Luckily Megan was brave enough to go up! (But not brave enough to grab the present and carry it down….)

DSC_0239 small

Alison stepped in and got the present down. Seeing all of the Costco boxes on the counter reminded me that this was the weekend Matt spent getting ready for scout camp- we had food in boxes everywhere!

Saturday evening we picked up Cafe Rio and went to Matt’s parents’ house to eat dinner and play Sequence. I love this tradition so much! It’s nice to have some quiet time to visit, play games and enjoy a good meal! We finished the evening off with chocolate cake!

After church (and Megan’s nap) we went to my parents’ house to celebrate! We had amazing food, the cousins played the evening away, there were foozball tournaments galore and an ice chest stuffed with cold drinks!

DSC_0261 small

Megan and Cozi

DSC_0275 small

Dylan and Ashlyn

DSC_0278 small

Desert was crowned with a chocolate fountain! It was a hit! Ashlyn loved it because she could top anything with her most favorite food- chocolate!

DSC_0286 small

I’m so grateful for dads! They are such a strength to every person in my family!


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