By Cayden:

 I went to Timberline in June, right when school got out, and it was really fun.

DSC_0080 small

All of the people in the neighborhood carpooled together there; my dad was driving, and he got lost, and so we were late on our first day.

DSC_0196 small

Everybody was put into groups there, and we became friends throughout the week.

DSC_0204 small

All of the groups did a short presentation on the last day when the parents came, and I was the one that made it up.

DSC_0221 small

On the last day, we got group pictures, and packets with all of our papers in it.

DSC_0184 small

My family had a fun time there on the last day.

Timberline was really fun, and I got to meet a lot of new people there.

DSC_0198 small

Timberline: By Crystal

I always love it when Cayden goes to scout camp- any camp really. He comes home more grown-up and happy. I know it’s crazy, but it’s true! When it was time to pick up Cayden on Saturday, Matt thought of just running up to get Cayden solo. It took me less than a second to veto that one. Staying home, doing Saturday chores, all of the happy campers at home with me…. or going on a road trip, watching crazy scout skits, getting burgers and ice cream on the way home. No contest! Worth waking the kids up early and driving off.

Kids: Luckily there was a trail near the open area to explore

Dad: Unluckily dad did not like them playing on the trail near the open area and would herd them back.

DSC_0200 small

Dylan did not like to sit in the sun and watch the skits. We finally came up with games to pass the time (we’re talking about a solid hour and a half of skits/awards). We’d name a spot and they had to guess how many steps it would take to get there. I named a tree across the clearing. They’d guess 15 steps and they were shocked that it took them 50.

DSC_0211 small

Megan and Alison played the, “My mommy!” “No, she’s  my mommy!” game.

(One of Megan’s braids came out, so I took the other side out to balance her out. Check out that poofy hair!)

DSC_0215 small

There were plenty of other bored boys to join Dylan in digging up tree roots with sticks and other feats of skill and strength.

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