The Garden


Last month you saw my sparse garden, newly planted. Everything was just put into the ground so we could take our trip. Now I have everything in its right spot. The garden is finally starting to fill in! DSC_0084 small

I transplanted my tomato starts into a long row. Matt put in supports and cages for when they get bigger. Despite my early planting, my tomatoes are not as big as the Costco plants! I had to buy three of them so I have something besides Roma. I have a row of green beans planted in the front.

DSC_0086 small

My spaghetti squash is taking off. I thought they’d be like zucchini and crookneck squash as far as the size of the plant. Now I’m realizing that it’ll be more like the size of a pumpkin plant. I’m hoping to train it to grow down that isle between the tomatoes and the house. This is my first year with spaghetti squash. I have no idea if we’ll love it or hate it!

DSC_0088 small

Here are the two boxes. Officially, we’re only 2 weeks into the gardening season, but everything’s growing so well! Yay!

DSC_0091 small

My prize of the garden- my pumpkin plant. This year I’m hoping to get six pumpkins! One for each child! Last year we got five, but I’ve been learning about pollination and how to do it yourself. I’m hoping that will turn the tides into getting six!


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