The Small Things


I love looking through our random pictures and choosing the ones that capture our everyday life!4 small

May was spent with Cayden practicing his ripstick… a lot!

DSC_0236 small

We get bored on Sundays.

DSC_0235 small

Boredom sometimes leads to huge creations!

DSC_0422 small

Dylan likes to scooter everywhere with two scooters. I don’t know how he balances!  It looks like he’s skiing! This day he took it one step further and added a box. I call it his chariot!

DSC_0423 small

The problem? There is not a horse to pull his chariot around. The other problem? It’s hard to steer.

DSC_0426 small

This leads his second creation. The wagon fixes the steering problem. He asked me if we had an extra lawn mower engine to solve the power problem. Sorry, we’re fresh out of engines 🙂

DSC_0431 small

He solved the power problem by making a deal with Jackson. Jackson pushes Dylan around the block, and then Dylan pushes Jackson around the block. The person in the wagon gets the important job of steering. They did this all afternoon!

DSC_0434 small

Chalk is serious business at our house!

DSC_0435 small

Very serious…

DSC_0461 small

Chalk can be a whole-body mess.

DSC_0465 small

Inquiring minds want to know- how did she do this?!

DSC_0441 small

We are not afraid to mix our seasonal clothing.


We had our monthly play date with Kim and her girls! The hill was as much fun as the playground 🙂

DSC_0016 small

There was an award’s ceremony at the end of the school year and the music teacher asked  Ashlyn to play the piano. I came to watch her play, but was surprised to see her get called up four times for different awards!

DSC_0015 small

Service club, presidential fitness, mile run and she tied for 2nd place (out of all of the 6th grade girls) for the long jump!

DSC_0022 small

Ashlyn did a great job playing her favorite song, “Pirates of the Carribbean!”


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