Soccer Season


Another year of soccer finished up! Jackson’s coach is still Melissa Jolly, who happens to be about the most encouraging coach out there. She’s also a great soccer player and used to play for BYU. Jackson’s learned a lot from her this year! (Jackson is #8)

DSC_0377 small

It’s still all about fun with friends and the treat at the end of the game 🙂

DSC_0376 small

Warm-ups before the game

DSC_0382 small

When Jackson is in the mood, he can sure take that ball from one end of the field to the other! When he’s not in the mood, he just runs up and down the field with a smile!

13 small

One day we had a downpour during their games. We’d bundled Jack up in a winter coat that kept him dry, so he didn’t mind. Poor Dylan huddled under a tarp when he was on the sidelines. It made me glad only one Saturday was like that!

DSC_0043 small

Medals for all of the players!  Go “Yellow Dragon Fireballs!”

DSC_0275 small

Dylan is in the same boat as Jack. When he is in the mood, that boy means business! (When he’s not, he just runs up and down the field with a serious look on his face!) This was the game Dylan and his friend Alex brought their A-game. The crowd was cheering. The coach was crazy! “What did you have for breakfast?! You should have it every day!!”  I asked Dylan how he was playing SO amazing. He and Alex had made a deal to pass the ball to each other, and boy did they step up! I don’t know how many times they stole the ball and took it up the field! (Dylan is #5)

DSC_0288 small

Alex and Dylan!

DSC_0368 small

This was a great game! My parents went to Dylan’s game the week after, and Dylan could not get playing. Finally he just said he had to lay down. He could not get up. By the time we got home he was running a fever and it didn’t break for 5 days. He was so sick and lost a bunch of weight. He’s back to normal, but I wish my parents could have seen this game!

1 small

Team picture from one of the moms! Go “Purple Pythons!”

DSC_0385 small

Dylan and Alex playing around at Jackson’s soccer game. After Jack’s game (he scored his first goal!), we went to JCW’s and got ice cream to celebrate their amazing day!


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