Final Phase- The Fence!



Putting up the fence took the longest of all of the phases! It stretched over the span of a few days, and it was the phase that made Matt the most nervous. A platform without a fence. It kept him working evening after evening.

DSC_0046 small

The fence against the Condie’s was the trickiest. He had to lean way over into their yard to drill the fence slats over. I seriously thought he was going to fall a few times!

DSC_0052 small

Jackson made himself at home during the project!

DSC_0095 small

Ashlyn made herself goofy during the project 🙂

DSC_0108 small

Luckily when Matt was putting in the slats on the Dixon’s side (they have no trees against the fence!) he could put up a ladder and drill away! Megan was Matt’s helper that day and tried to anticipate every need. Unfortunately, this was her first construction project. Ha! She needs a few more under her belt 🙂 Above: Megan saying, “Here dad! Need a screw?”

DSC_0110 small

Here’s a hammer dad!

DSC_0115 small

Here’s a level dad!

DSC_0126 small

“Man, I wonder what tool he does need?”

DSC_0138 small

While Megan was up on the clubhouse helping Matt…..

DSC_0134 small

…. the kids were underneath enjoying the sand.

DSC_0059 small

Sunday evening brought everyone outside, even with the half-finished fence. Dylan brought up the tea table chairs.

DSC_0060 small

Megan and Dylan sat up there, just watching the chicken and dropping leaves to them.

DSC_0061 small

Jackson got resourceful with a bucket.

DSC_0063 small

Megan has this amazing face!

DSC_0071 small

She is not brave enough to go up the ladder or down the slide, even now (in July). When she is up in the clubhouse, she is UP there until someone (me) gets her down.

DSC_0074 small

It was a peaceful day- not too hot- with some kids in church clothes, some in regular clothes, and some already in jammies!

DSC_0341 small

Finally all of the fence slats are in! We’ve slept out there, had movie nights on top and played for hours! Matt did such a great job!!


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  1. Absolutely precious!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE enter Megan’s “portrait one” into a contest. you couldn’t have gotten that if you had posed her. Thanks again, M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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