The Clubhouse- Phases Three, Four and Five



This phase began with Matt cutting down part of our neighbor’s tree. That’s when I began to realize just how tall this clubhouse is going to be.  Look at those tall posts! The plan was for the tall posts to hold up the roof.  Right now we are debating about adding a roof at all- just for the sheer size. With just the posts, we can minimize the obnoxious view the neighbors might see from their backyard.

DSC_0929 small

Matt had to get into some tricky positions to drill these posts and frame together- plus drilling the posts to the base.

DSC_0933 small

It seemed like all of the kids took turns helping Matt. This wasn’t a big group project (there would be way too many hands).

DSC_0935 small

Whenever it was time to carry a section of the clubhouse frame/posts into place,  Matt called in the big guns. Ashlyn.

DSC_0940 small

The posts and frame are finished!


This was the simplest phase! It went so quickly!

DSC_0027 small


DSC_0028 small

It took a few flooring panels to get in the groove, but one we got the hang of it, the flooring went pretty quickly. Jackson was Matt’s constant helper. He wanted so badly to sit up there with Matt!!

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