The Clubhouse: Phases One and Two



After we’d planned out the size of our clubhouse, we realized that the size of our sandbox had to change too. Our sand was old anyway and was hard to play in.  In the spring, especially, it was like chipping away sand stone until you got an area big enough to play with. Some years Matt tilled up the sandbox when he tilled the garden. It was time for some new sand!

DSC_0739 small

We dug out the sand, dug out the new area- check out those roots! It was a lot of work and took many evenings. Luckily, a lot of people needed extra dirt. Still, one or two loads ended up at huge field where there are piles of dirt anyway.

DSC_0741 small

The fun part was riding on the back of the trailer when it was time to deliver the dirt!

DSC_0744 small

Megan was pretty jealous. Matt wouldn’t let her ride in the trailer.

DSC_0746 small

Megan’s smile for me while we were waiting for the kids to get back.

DSC_0748 small

Megan’s smile for Cayden

DSC_0752 small

Cayden practicing his ripstick  while waiting.


The sand arrived while we were at the Dance Festival. When we rounded our corner (walking home) Megan squealed, “The beach!!!”

DSC_0813 small

Here was this huge pile of sand, and mom said not to play in it. So mean!

DSC_0816 small

I finally changed my mind. Seriously! How often do you get to play in a mountain of sand?!

DSC_0828 small

Megan and Jackson

DSC_0845 small

I love this picture- Dylan holding out his hand to Megan!

DSC_0855 small

Super jump!

DSC_0866 small

Belly slide!

DSC_0874 small


We spent Friday playing in the sand and all day Saturday hauling it to the back. We borrowed Blake and Laura’s small 4-wheeler trailer and we (Cayden and Ashlyn) drove that thing constantly.  It had been raining the night before and our big trailer would have ripped up our back yard pretty badly. It was already in bad shape from all of the excavation.  By the time Matt had built the new frame and gotten the trailer working, we actually started bring the sand to the back about 2pm. Cayden had friends coming over at 7pm and thought we’d FOR SURE be done by then.  We worked constantly. I have never worked so hard physically! We dug sand from the front to fill up the trailer, drove it to the bag, and dug the sand out of the trailer into the sandbox. It seemed like every load barely sprinkled that big box.  One of Cayden’s friends got the time wrong and showed up an hour early. We put him to work! 7pm came and we were still not done. Cayden and his friends were inside having a great time but now the goal was to finish before dark. Besides, the next day was Sunday. We just needed this to be done! We borrowed wheelbarrows and men from the neighborhood started trickling over. We were like machines- filling up trailers and wheelbarrows! We made it! It was so satisfying to be a part of this project! No pictures- there was literally no stopping.

DSC_0886 small

Look at this perfect sandbox!

DSC_0889 small

Of course, we spent Sunday after church playing in it!

DSC_0890 small

Matt can always build a good road!

 Matt Cayden Sandbox 1 small

March 2003, Matt and Cayden building ramps for trucks


Megan had just woken up from her nap- still in church clothes. I love this picture!

DSC_0904  small

Jackson driving on the little roads

Phase Two: Complete!


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