End-Of-The-Year Dance Festival


I’ve been going to this Dance Festival long enough to know that walking to the school is easier than driving and trying to find a parking spot. I wasn’t worried about finding a good spot to sit- there’s usually a lot of room for parents. Still, when I was driving morning carpool for the Jr. High, I brought a blanket and decided that I’d lay it out if people were already setting up spots. It was nuts! I put down a blanket, went home and an hour later walked up to the school. I was so lucky that I’d gotten a spot earlier! It was so crowded! We had a good spot, brought snacks, Megan and Alison stayed happily on the blanket with me (See?! Life is getting easier!) and we enjoyed watching all of the grades perform.

DSC_0756 small

Jackson was the farthest away but the 1st graders were so cute! They were minions from Despicable Me.

DSC_0757 small

There were only a few minion hats that had only one eye, so of course everyone in the class wanted those the most. Miss Lyons ended up drawing names to decide who would be lucky enough to wear them- and Jackson was one of them. He has held on to that hat ever since!

DSC_0767 small

Dylan’s grade (3rd grade) danced to a lot of happy songs, and they had tricky moves!

DSC_0766 small

You can see that Dylan is concentrating. He totally rocked it!

DSC_0790 small

Ashlyn’s grade started out dancing to a Grease song, “We Go Together”…

DSC_0801 small

… and ended up rocking out, minus the poodle skirts and bandannas. Lots of choreography! So fun!

DSC_0803 small

Afterwards I got a close-up of my little minion as I was checking him out of school.

DSC_0807 small

Ashlyn couldn’t resist saying “Hi!” to the girls before she went back to class. Her class partied the rest of the day!

DSC_0808 small

I met up with the boys and we started walking home!

DSC_0809 small

It didn’t take Alison long before she realized that she wanted to walk too, just like the big kids.

DSC_0811 small

I sure love these guys! We went to lunch at Del Taco (their choice) and had the place to ourselves for a while. Then we came home to a dump truck’s worth of sand and played some more!

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