Snow Cones…. For Free!


It was one of those warm spring days.  Kids are lying around the driveway collecting roly polies (or pill bugs if you’re not a Lund… but that’s how I learned it.  I googled it and it knew what roly polies are too.  So call it pill bug, or potato bug but a roly poly is just a whole lot more fun to say! However I would rather spell it rolly polly with a double “l” but that is just not how it’s done).

DSC_0443 small

Back to the story- kids lying around the driveway with a tupperware container to catch bugs…

DSC_0446 small

Dylan decided to set up a snow cone shack… for free! (Click here. We say this all of the time because of this movie!)

No attention was  lost to detail. A box to set his ice on. A box to handle orders. A box to hold cups and “syrup” flavors. Dude- it was a sweet setup.

DSC_0447 small

When out of syrup, use melted otter pops!

DSC_0457 small

We ended up serving granola bar bites too- so yummy!

DSC_0459 small

We attracted a crowd, Dylan ended up getting $5 from the big brother of a friend (now that was a thrilling surprise!) and the whole afternoon was spent taking people’s orders and grinding up snow cones- Dylan’s most favorite thing to do!

DSC_0454 small

Everyone ended the day with Tang mustaches, snow cone bellies, roly polies in abundance and a fun time with friends!


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