What? Another Bike Ride?


I just have to post this because I’m so proud of the fact that I got out there and did this again! Another 10 miles with the girls. I brought along my bike pump because both trailer tires were totally flat when I was pulling everything out that morning.  It seemed to me like the tire stems had been pushed and all of the air had been let out. Silly kids! But….. just in case I brought the pump. At every park stop I’d check the tires- no change, they were totally firm.


The lake was full of floating bread chunks from earlier feedings and the ducks were totally uninterested in us, so we decided to check out the waterfall/river that led to the lake. We spent an hour sitting by a stream, collecting rocks and throwing them in.  I loved every second of sitting there with my girls and having no other purpose but to enjoy them and the moment.  When it was time to go home, my trailer tire was completely flat. Totally. I pulled out my pump and could not get it onto the tire valve- it was pressed so tightly against the tire spoke that I couldn’t wedge the pump onto the valve! After a dozen tries, I knew it was time to say a prayer. After a short but sincere prayer, my next try worked and I was able to pump up the tire (whew!) and it stayed inflated just fine for the whole bike ride home!


I’m glad to have access to so much beauty, and I don’t even have to leave city limits!. (Well, civilization at any rate! The lake is in Highland.)


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