Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day was another great one! Matt and the kids spent the day in the back yard digging out an area for table grapes, putting in 6 posts, stringing supports through them all for our tiny plants that will one day need them and planting four beauties. Two  green on one side of the porch, two red on the other. They sure know how to make me happy! I have no pictures (What?!!) because I spent the day going to soccer games, running errands and buying plants. Jack, Alison and Megan were my errand-running and plant-buying buddies. Everywhere we went, we found great things! When we went to the nursery to look for grape plants, we got free hot dogs and soda from a stand in the parking lot! It was one fun thing to another! Jackson is very proud that the grape plant he picked is doing the very best.  After a day of working, Matt and I picked up Cafe Rio and we had dinner with his mom and dad to celebrate Mother’s Day with them! We spent the evening eating, chatting and playing cards. Seriously, does life get better than this?!


Mother’s Day also brings out the flowers! Alison and Megan got to go flower shopping with me, and for the first year in ages it was easy! I remember wearing a baby in a frame-backpack, or trying to push a stroller in the gravel… all while trying to pull a wagon with flowers. I’m not complaining- I’ve always enjoyed flower shopping. It just took me by surprise when both girls just followed along and loved being there as much as I did. This is truly a new season of life!

DSC_0393 small

We spent Sunday evening with my family with good food, great conversation and many spirited games of foozeball!

DSC_0396 small

Three generations!

DSC_0404 small

Lothar making Alison smile

DSC_0406 small

Cayden giving Megan a good swing!

DSC_0408 small

Grandpa on cake-cutting duty

DSC_0414 small

Dylan with his masterpiece 🙂

DSC_0419 small

Ellie and Jackson, those crazy clowns!

We had a great weekend with our mothers and I am so glad that we live close to them both. It is empowering to have support when motherhood can be daunting and exhausting at times….. but then I get a small comment about the things that I’m doing well and I have this resurgence of strength to keep it going.  When I see them love my children, I love them and my children all the more.  I see my little ones through fresh eyes! I’m sure everyone’s been there, but it’s I love it and I love soaking up those moments. I’m so glad we live by family!

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