Our Newest Addition


After saying farewell to our last 4-wheeler (because we never used it), we finally jumped back on the bandwagon. We are now owners of a 4-wheeler…. again. How have things changed?

DSC_0237 small

#1- Whenever we had the choice to bring a 4-wheeler along on a camping trip or the tent trailer, the tent trailer always won out. Always. (Sleeping on a mattress verses sleeping on the ground- no contest). Now we have a toy hauler- we can bring both!

DSC_0249 small

#2- We were plotting out our new construction project (the clubhouse!) and realized that a million trips from the front yard to the back yard would be a lot easier to drive pulling a trailer than to walk pushing a wheelbarrow.

DSC_0253 small

#3- I think Matt missed owning one more than he thought he would.

DSC_0255 small

#4- When Matt is killing time, he gives the kids rides around the neighborhood. You can see they love it!

DSC_0256 small

#5- Cayden and Ashlyn are getting some serious driving skills! When we were hauling those millions of loads of sand to the back yard they perfected every aspect of driving it- switching gears, reversing, driving down curbs. They drove that thing back and forth the whole day. I can’t say I have that skill at all! Maybe I’ll have Ashlyn teach me how to start that thing up!


We still haven’t taken anywhere outside of the neighborhood and gone 4-wheeling properly, but it won’t be long!


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