May’s Newsletters



  • I’m often late for things (I wish I wasn’t) but I am never late to drive morning carpool.

  • My new favorite primary song is Build An Ark (from the Friend). I love it!

  • I went cliff jumping last month. It was a lot scarier than I thought it would be!

  • After 36 years I’ve come to realize that when I’m outside, I’m really, really happy.

  • My arms are tan, my cheeks are rosy, my legs are snowy white.  I wish I matched!

  • Matt planted table grapes (seedless grapes) for me for Mother’s Day. And spent the whole Saturday digging holes for posts, digging up sod, putting in barriers. Truly, every moment of that day was spent showing me how much he loves me!

  • I spent early spring running a gardening experiment which kept me busy and happy!

  • I went on a 10 mile bike ride today, pulling the girls in the bike trailer. I like biking because it’s something I can do with the girls that they like- but it’s also for me. We spent about an hour by this little river, soaking up the sun, collecting pebbles and throwing them in the water. Pretty much the best day ever!

  • I like fixing up the house, but when the projects get too big I get overwhelmed.

  • I don’t mind noise as long as it’s happy noise. Fighting and arguing really get to me.

  • We got rid of the trampoline for safety reasons. I miss it L

  • I don’t like plain chocolate- it has so have toffee chunks, almond pieces… Something!

  • I like being around other people, but I really like being with my family.

  • After I get the older kids to school, I let Megan and Alison watch Curious George (and also Cat in the Hat) on my bed. Then I sit at the table and eat my breakfast, read the paper, wash the dishes…. It’s like a quiet reprieve to get everything in place…. And then I’m ready to start the day!

  • I like to drink a cold Coke Zero (no cherry) from the can, not in a glass, not with ice, not as a fountain drink… just give me the can!

  • Reading to the kids at night helps me feel like we’ve ended the day on a good note- not that the whole day hasn’t been good- it’s that final interaction….

  • I still accidentally leave sharpie markers out. I have a problem!

  • The farthest I’ve driven by myself (meaning without Matt) is St. George. I’m trying to plan a trip to California with the kids so that we can go to a baptism.  I’m not worried about getting lost (I was meant to live in a smart phone world!) There’s something about the motion and monotony of driving that makes me tired…. That’s what makes me nervous. I want to feel like I can do anything! Our family is driving to New Mexico this weekend to surprise Marlon for his birthday and I’m driving the whole thing as a practice run. If I don’t do well and need Matt to take over, then I’ll know and won’t go. But there’s this side of me that really wants to conquer this!

Matt’s Random List

  1. We bought an RV trailer. It’s so big it makes our prison van look like a pinto.

  2. I bought a 4-wheeler to go in said trailer.

  3. I now officially have a trailer problem. Four trailers and nowhere to park them is a problem I have brought upon myself. I am looking into a 12-step program to deal with my fetish.

  4. Took 2 different “self-help” surveys today at work. Neither of them successfully identified my trailer fetish. Both of them confirmed that I like to analyze things. Duh. They also confirmed that I really do hate people. Another duh moment. I like individuals but don’t like working for/with/around/near humans.

  5. I was called as the young men’s president. Feeling a lot of responsibility to ensure about 3 dozen boys go on missions. My biggest frustration in this calling is other adult humans I have to deal with (see # 4).

  6. Crystal finally agreed that the risk of permanent injury from the trampoline is greater than we’re willing to take. Used my superior negotiating skills (sarcasm) to convince my neighbor to take it off our hands under 1 condition: when somebody suffers a permanent injury due to said trampoline, he doesn’t sue me. For family home evening a few weeks ago we took the trampoline apart and literally threw it over the fence. To help draw the kids outside, we’re building a club-house. The best part is I get to use the new 4-wheeler (see #2) to haul lumber to the backyard.

  7. We’re really looking forward to our 2 week road trip in the trailer to the family reunion in Nauvoo in August. We’re planning to see several church history sites, camp in several state parks, see the Omaha zoo, Badlands, Bear Country USA, Mt. Rushmore, caves, grasslands and spend way too much time cramped into our pinto of a van.


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