Jackson’s Snow Leopard Report


 By Jackson:

Everyone in my class did an animal report. I chose snow leopards because they sound cool, they look cool and they turned out to be really interesting. I learned:

  • Snow leopards are wild animals

  • They live in the snowy mountains of Asia

  • When they’re born they stay with their mom for a year

  • Snow leopard cubs like to wrestle

  • I didn’t know that their teeth are really sharp!

  • I didn’t know that they blended in so good with rocks!

  • Their favorite foods are blue sheep and wild goats. The blue sheep isn’t really blue!

17 small

I was kind of shy when I did my report. I practiced at home with my family a few nights before and that helped. My class liked trying to find the snow leopard standing in the rocks on my poster! Camouflage!


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