May The Fourth Be With You


By Cayden:

Every year on May 4th, I have a Star Wars party (because I’m that kind of guy,) and we watch one of the movies; this year it was the second. I invited a lot of friends over, and we did some fun trivia while we were waiting for the rest to come. My favorite was “Which Star Wars Character are You?” I was Yoda, and one of my friends was Princess Leia.

DSC_0218 small

After everyone got here, we ate “Hutt Dogs” with “Yoda Soda” and other fun things like “Han’s Rolos” and “Darth Tater Chips.”

DSC_0219 smallDSC_0220 smallDSC_0221 small

Of course, after we were done eating, we got to watching our movie. It was fun, and we made a new inside joke “Star Wars Pear” (because Anakin takes half of Padmé’s pear.) I would have played a board game that I have then, but I didn’t have enough ships then.

All in all, it was fun, even though little siblings were crazy during the movie.


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