April Round Up!


To finish up April, I thought I’d add in a few random shots of home life from this month.

DSC_0001 small

Here’s Alison, all super-hero’d up by Dylan. She is very proud of her costume!

DSC_0003 small

Dylan with his cape and hat. (Alison is sad that her mask needs to be repaired- which Dylan promptly did. Now that is a hero!)

DSC_0011 small

Megan discovered her love for Nutella

DSC_0532 small

Sam, jumping in the snow. The last time this trampoline was used by our family ūüė¶

19 small

Dylan got hurt on the trampoline right before our Sand Hollow trip. The pain was so bad in his knee that I had to take him in to the doctor before we left, just to know what we were dealing with so we didn’t injure his knee further on the trip. It all came to nothing, x-rays looked good, but Matt and I made a deal ages ago that we’d part with the trampoline if anyone got injured. ¬†So… one gloomy, overcast Monday evening… our FHE activity was to pass¬†our trampoline over the fence to our neighbors. ¬†My consolation was that Matt promised to put anything I wanted in our backyard to replace it. Believe me, the wheels started turning! More on that to come!

DSC_0185 small

Ashlyn names all of our large fruit “Fredrickson.” I think this watermelon is Fredrickson the 5th.


In trying to keep with leading a more active life during the day (and not just bottling it up for the gym trip in the evening that I never take) I went park-hopping with the girls one day. We walked to 3 parks around town, took about 3 hours to walk, play and eat, and went 4 miles I think.  It was absolutely lovely not to drive everywhere or be in a hurry.

DSC_0536 small

This month I also set out to have kids help with different meals every week (Cayden helps Monday, Ashlyn on Tuesday, etc). It was really fun but never really stuck. ¬†If they were ever playing with friends or really doing anything (homework) I didn’t want to pull them away. Cayden was a good sport about peeling shrimp for one of our favorite meals! Ashlyn and Megan look stumped- how do these¬†fruit kabobs work again?

All in all, April was a good month. Not too busy, the weather warmed up, my garden experiment plants survived the late snow, the peaches made it through too and summer break is just around the corner!


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