Dyan’s Time Machine


Every year the 3rd graders at our school put on a Time Machine. They choose a famous person from history, write a report, make a poster and prepare a speech to deliver to their audience. This covers a three month span with due dates along the way for the different projects. The grand finale is the Time Machine speech! Dylan chose John F. Kennedy, Jr.  He worked so hard on memorizing his speech and delivered it well! It was one of those times where the assignment seemed too hard- he didn’t think it was possible to memorize the whole thing. He was so discouraged!  We worked on it every night for weeks and when it was Dylan’s turn to give his speech, he nailed it! Matt even worked from home that day so he could be there!

DSC_0187 small

For costuming, I was really glad Dylan chose JFK. Easiest costume ever! Dylan pulled off a great “presidential” expression!

DSC_0188 small

Dylan kept checking on us all through the program and grinning!

DSC_0192 small

I didn’t know much about JFK, except that my mom didn’t like him that much and he had affairs which does make him unlikable.  BUT, once we got together and started researching him we found a lot of fun things!

  • JFK was the richest president ever elected.

  • He donated his whole presidential salary to charity

  • He was the only president to get the purple heart (and the story about him rescuing his sailing buddy is a pretty good one!)

  • I didn’t realize he was the president during the ending of segregation/Rosa Parks. He was all about desegregation.

  • He loved his kids. Everything we read about him really showed that. They put a preschool in the White House, a tree house, a swimming pool, and had a horse named Macaroni that the kids could ride on the White House lawn. Jealous!

  • JFK was sickly and had really bad back problems because one leg was shorter than the other.

  • He strongly believed that people should give back to their community.


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  1. I didn’t know much of that either although I lived through his Presidency. cute pictures of one special boy!

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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