Easter Sunday


I hadn’t been feeling great Saturday night, but when I woke up Sunday morning I knew it was bad. So bad. I crawled out of bed for the Easter egg hunt and lost my camera lens cap while taking pictures. I have cleaned my house a hundred times since then. Where in the world did I put that thing in my foggy state?! Try making calls on Easter morning to find a sub for the Primary chorister. Not cool Robert Frost! (I love it when Alison throws that around). I needed this pep talk!

DSC_0137 small

Easter is simply perfect at our house. A church item and eggs to hunt! This year the boys got ties!

DSC_0138 small

Ashlyn is showing Megan the ropes on this whole Easter thing!

DSC_0140 small

Cute Cayden! That tie goes perfectly with that soccer shirt 🙂

DSC_0141 small

This year the Easter bunny left us a bowl of candy for the parents. What?!! Best Easter bunny ever!

DSC_0145 small

Growing bangs out makes for awesome bed head! I’m sure all you ladies know what I’m talking about. I feel like these babies have been growing out forever!

DSC_0150 small

Dylan was Megan’s designated Tootsie Roll unwrapper.

DSC_0159 small

There were some pretty cool hiding places this year!

DSC_0165 small

Star Wars eggs?

DSC_0167 small

Cayden was the booster for the high eggs…


Since I was sick, Cayden and Ashlyn took over filling and hiding eggs for Grandma and Grandpa Lund.   They were so devious! Matt took the kids to my parents’ for Easter dinner, Megan and I ventured out for a walk. I thought I was back to normal! Not so… still a few sick days piled onto that one… but nothing too crazy. I am so grateful for my family, for my life and the choices ahead of me, for extended family and especially for my Savior who makes all of it possible. What joy!


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