Dying Easter Eggs


The day before Easter I realized that we hadn’t dyed eggs yet. Now we just needed to work around two soccer games, yard work and make time to run to the store to get supplies…. Wait, that actually turned this into a thing that I wasn’t sure would happen. Ashlyn gave me a nudge and off we went shopping!

DSC_0129 small

Cayden ended up at a friend’s house and dyed eggs with them, but Megan joined us this year which she was pretty excited about!

DSC_0120 small

Our favorite part is decorating our eggs with crayons. We’ve never had luck with stickers, but using rubber bands is always fun too…

DSC_0122 small

Classic Alison, both the expression and the outfit!

DSC_0127 small

Ashlyn showing off her love of all things chocolate!

DSC_0133 small

Even Matt joined in!

DSC_0131 small

We ate eggs for weeks and I think our favorite way to eat them was in BLT wraps (minus the tomato and with sliced eggs). Yum!


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