The Day Ashlyn Stayed Home!


You know those days that you just don’t feel great? That was Ashlyn one morning so I kept her home. By afternoon she was back to normal and she set up some trampoline fun.  How can you resist a warm spring afternoon?! She played with Alison and Megan the rest of the day!

DSC_0061 small

Trampoline + Swimsuits + The Hose = A Whole Afternoon of Entertainment

DSC_0079 small

You can tell that it’s getting to be shorts weather when the swimsuits and skinned knees start making their appearances!

DSC_0092 small

Alison LOVED trying to dodge Ashlyn and the water!

DSC_0098 small

Ashlyn wasn’t afraid to face the music from Alison either!

DSC_0105 small

What a fine afternoon! Ashlyn’s physical health was back to normal and we all enjoyed a good mental health day- lots of laughs and just soaking up the sun. (I call it that but it sounds like you’re soaking up skin cancer! I guess what I always mean by that is soaking up nature, some carefree time and some Vitamin D).

DSC_0089 small

I sure love these girls and I especially love watching them spend time together.

DSC_0116 small

A very tired Megan!


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