Alison’s 4th Birthday


Alison has been looking forward to her 4th birthday since her 3rd birthday. Everything has been, “I’ll do this when I’m 4!” I was a little nervous that it would not live up to her expectations.

DSC_0014 small

We had a fun day together- making her birthday cake … white cake with A LOT of strawberries (her most favorite food!)

DSC_0026 small

 We also spent a bit of time at Target since I hadn’t done any shopping before our spring break trip 🙂 It gets hard to hide presents in the cart from someone who’s 4! I can’t believe I got away with it…. It probably had something to do with me resorting to letting her watch a movie on my phone while we were checking out!  Mom’s, we always have tricks up our sleeves.

DSC_0036 small

Finally it was time for  clue drawing and present hunting!

DSC_0038 small

Jackson made Alison a bracelet.  When Matt asked Alison what her favorite present was from her birthday, she said it was Jack’s bracelet.

DSC_0040 small

Everyone was happy to help Alison test out her new toys. I was happy to help her too. She got some pretty cool toys.

DSC_0054 small

Finally it was cake time!

It’s been fun to watch Alison now that she’s four. At dinner she’ll say, “I like tomatoes now that I’m four.” She’ll give it a try and shudder, “Maybe when I’m five.” But she tries so many things now in the name if being four. It’s so grown up! She’s been looking forward to it for so long. Happy birthday my sweet Alison!


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