Sand Hollow



We showed up at Sand Hollow State Park and started setting up camp. The new trailer is a breeze, but it still involves setting up all of the things that you bring- the chairs, the grill, etc. I was afraid we wouldn’t make it to the lake before it was dark, but we finished just in time to enjoy the sunset while playing in the water.


On the far side of the lake we’d heard that there was a beachy area that is perfect for the kids. We found it and had the lake to ourselves!

DSC_0039 small

Everyone found something fun to do. I was happy to relax, wear my flip flops and take photos- one of my favorite things to do 🙂

DSC_0033 small

Dylan was a fish and enjoyed swimming everywhere that he could!

DSC_0027 small

Ashlyn collected “sea shells.”

DSC_0025 small

Jackson found Wreck-It Ralph’s hammer and liked throwing it around!

DSC_0024 small

Cayden’s true idea of relaxing? Sitting down with a good book! Matt? Sitting back and watching the kids play!

DSC_0019 small

Megan liked the water, but her favorite thing was digging in the sand. Every day she wanted to “go to the beach!”

DSC_0015 small

Ashlyn, still sifting for sea shells!

DSC_0014 small

Alison liked the water the most. It was fun to watch her get braver and braver!

DSC_0010 smaller


Our plans for the day? Go cliff jumping! We made the trek to the cliffs and found…. a group of grandpas fishing with their grandkids. We were not about to mess with that! So, we climbed back down and found a fun place to play in the water.

 DSC_0061 small

This was a sweet little spot. There was a sandy niche to play in and a huge rocky shelf that made it so that non-swimmers could wade out in the water.

DSC_0085 small

There was even a spot for a camp chair! Cayden had a camelback to keep him hydrated while we waded in icy water. It kept us cool and happy! The water was so cold that your feet would go numb… and then you didn’t mind being in the water 🙂

DSC_0075 small

Ashlyn liked to play around “the drop off.”

DSC_0077 small

Alison loved going deep in the water with Matt, but you can be sure that she kept a tight grip!

DSC_0087 small

Warming up in the sunshine!

DSC_0088 small

Megan’s favorite part was wading from her sandy cove to the little island where most of the kids were playing!

DSC_0104 small

It really was a beautiful spot.

DSC_0107 small

Megan could stay at “the beach” all day! After checking back with the cliffs- now full of teenagers and blaring music- we decided to go back to the trailer, have lunch and let Megan take a nap.  Matt volunteered to stay with Megan and Alison. Jackson decided that he didn’t want to go cliff jumping after all.  After everyone was settled, I took Cayden, Ashlyn and Dylan off to the cliffs.

DSC_0115 small

The cliffs were still full of the teenagers and loud music, so we decided to swim to a nearby island to get in some little jumps. I was happy to watch but everyone begged me to go. I couldn’t wimp out! I swam over to that island- literally the coldest water I’ve ever been in! Dylan was brave and jumped right in! I had to really psych myself up! I didn’t think it would be scary, but when you are there and looking down…. it seems a lot further away…

DSC_0137 small

Ashlyn jumped the most times by far!

DSC_0149 small

Since the water was FREEZING Cayden spent his time getting used to the water and psyching up for the big jump 🙂 During his last class before spring break, Cayden’s teacher said, “Don’t go jumping off any cliffs!” and so of course Cayden HAD to do it!

DSC_0139 small

Here’s Ashlyn, gearing up for another swim to the island!

DSC_0141 small

Dylan found a lot of ways to rock climb between jumps. That was really the only way to warm him up! Dylan would climb to the top, throw down a towel and lay on the warm rocks.

DSC_0153 small

Here is Ashlyn on the lower section of the cliffs. You can see the island we kept swimming to in the background.


Finally the group of teenagers left and we started gearing up for the bigger jump. We watched those guys jump off the top and knew the water was totally deep enough…. but none of us was up for that. Crazy!


Ashlyn is always fast to go!


It took some time and great resolve for Cayden to jump. He did it!

DSC_0242 small

As we were coming back to the trailer we saw the Pontius boys scootering and everyone joined right in.


Day three took us back to the lake. Most of the kids stayed to play right by the water again, but Ashlyn, Alex and Jackson took off to explore the river (canal pipe) that drained into the lake! I decided to tag along. These guys were so much fun to hang out with!

 DSC_0254 small

Ashlyn surfing down the river!

DSC_0256 small

Climbing down through the steep sections

DSC_0265 small

I love that they’re all holding hands!

DSC_0268 small

They are all having so much fun!

DSC_0271 small

Alex and Jackson

DSC_0272 small

Now for the giant water slide that takes you right into the lake!

After playing at the lake we came back to our trailer for lunch. Then it was off to Snow Canyon! The rocks were amazing and unusual. It reminded me of Moab because of the sandstone, but the markings and layers were so different!

DSC_0295 small

Here we are with the Pontius family 🙂

DSC_0298 small

Cayden and Megan – always buddies!

DSC_0305 small

I think the rocks in the background look like elephant skin – so wrinkly!

DSC_0306 small

Alex and Dylan

DSC_0308 small

There were so many places to explore!

DSC_0311 small

Jackson climbing up and down everything! There was so much traction! I don’t know if you could ever slip (unless it was rainy).

DSC_0318 small

Cayden gave it a whirl 🙂

DSC_0328 small

Megan and Elle

DSC_0338 small

Our family!

DSC_0343 small

My happy Ashlyn, my silly Ashlyn!

DSC_0350 small

We sent the older kids (aka- I thought Cayden needed a challenge!) with the dads to hike this big thing while Corinne and I stayed with the little guys and let them play in the sand. They thought it was great and made it up and back in no time!

DSC_0355 small

I think the younger kids were glad to sit still and play in the sand!

Afterwards we had a huge dinner at Chuck-O-Rama and we all just went straight to bed. It was a fun and physical trip. We have never vacationed by a lake like this before and I really liked the change! Next time we’ll probably camp at Snow Canyon since we were only there for a few hours and there were so many hikes that we wanted to try out. My older kids really wanted to hike the volcano and look into the crater. Plus, we didn’t have time to earn our Jr. Ranger badge! See? We’re going to have to come back!


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