April Fool’s


Kim and I have been meeting the 1st Tuesday of every month to let our girls play, chat, make dinner…. and it just so happened April 1st was our next play date! We had a great time making April Fools cupcakes (here) and made had a crazy menu for the kids (here). I hid the cupcakes on top of the washing machine – no one would ever get curious there, right?


When dinner came around, I passed out the menus. Everyone was so excited! I’ve done this the past few years and it is always so fun!


Our pre-dinner menu planning!


Look at these girls!


Megan- completely uninterested in food or menus. Or maybe she’s hungry and these magnets are just the most convenient thing šŸ™‚

The kids were absolutely SHOCKED when it was timeĀ to pick their vegetables! They loved it!

DSC_0526 small

Mashed potatoes and gravy with a pat of butter on top. (White frosting, caramel and a smashed Starburst)

DSC_0519 small

Peas and carrots (Green frosting, orange Starbursts cut into fourths and green Runts)

DSC_0520 small

Corn on the cob (Popcorn jelly bellies, a flattened Starburst)

It was a huge hit! I’ve never done crazy food before- usually just the silly menu. We’re not a pranking family, we talked about that over dinner even, but silly food blew everyone’s mind! This was easy and fun!

NOTE: All of my kids and all of Kim’s kids hated the popcorn jelly beans, took one bite and couldn’t eat any more. Luckily we had extra “vegetables.” Ā Despite the cute factor, popcorn jelly beans mixed with frosting isĀ just not yummy…


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