Gymnastic’s Debut


We’ve only been taking gymnastics for a few months, so when they announced their yearly performance I wasn’t sure if we’d even go.  Still, as it grew closer the excitement became contagious! We went and I’m so glad we did! The girls were so brave, and there were helpers/teachers at each station.  The girls had their performances in the morning while the boys had theirs in the afternoon.


Here we are, waiting for our turns! (They go by classes and since we’re at the young end of the spectrum we went near the beginning.)



Miss Marlene is Megan’s teacher. She loves all of the kids, she loves gymnastics and she loves teaching- you can see it all in her face! Megan started off with the rope.


She went through the whole floor circuit- somersaults, the bar, the donkey kick (shown) and the balance beam.


At the end they got their medal while they stood on the podium.


You can tell she’s not totally sure what’s going on!



Alison in her favorite gymnastics outfit with Miss Marlene.


The ropes to start off…


… followed by the floor exercises (balance beam shown here).


High fives at the podium!


She did it!


My parents came up to see all of the performances! After the morning program was over we went to Five Guys for lunch and then met up for the afternoon program.


Jack started off with the rings!


Floor exercises


The bar


And to finish it off he ran across the room and vaulted into a somersault!



Dylan on the rings!


Floor exercises


The bar


Dylan running across the room and vaulting into a somersault!


It was so fun to see these guys and the skills that they are learning! They did a good job and were brave to perform for a packed crowd!

garden experiment 1

After we were all done, Grandma and Grandpa treated us to U-Swirl and it was the perfect after-party party!

ice cream 5 small

We didn’t get Megan her own ice cream so she visited each person and helped herself!

ice cream small

Everyone’s talking about what they added to their ice cream!

ice cream 9small

Alison staked her claim by Grandpa! We are so glad they came!

We had a great and very full day.  Matt and I were talking about how we love to see talents grow in our children. The little seeds of art, piano, soccer, gymnastics… all of these interests and hobbies that start out small but you get to watch them grow, and improve, and thrive… and you see this talent or skill where there once was none. It’s amazing and I’m glad I get to be here for it all!


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