Cayden signed up for art in 7th grade and had a great teacher! He learned so much and I couldn’t believe how good he is! This is a talent I don’t have at all. Matt taught me how to draw a VW beetle in the middle of a sacrament meeting when he saw me struggling to draw one for Cayden who was around two years old. Randy is the one who taught that to Matt- so a big thanks to Randy because that has come in handy about a million times during a million sacrament meetings.  I can also draw a flower made out of 6 circles- one circle in the middle and five circles around that for the petals and that’s due to Kristiena and her awesome fingernail painting skillz.  That’s also come in hand about a million times too since I have girls. My last artistic accomplishment are hand tracing dinosaurs.  Some people make turkeys out of hand tracing- mine are dinosaurs with spikes (fingers). So when Cayden started showing interest and talent, I have been absolutely astounded! So this is what it’s like to see something and to be able to draw it! Amazing! DSC_0399small

Now Cayden is in 8th grade and still loves art. I had to snap a picture of his current project.  His assignment was to draw a person, so of course he chose a pretty cool one! Here’s his prime working spot- the floor of his room, his metal art supply container and a calculator to help him figure our proportions. He probably wouldn’t love that I’m showing this mid-project instead of completed, but that’s where he is right now. I’ll try to get a picture of his finished piece when he’s done!


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  1. I Am totally AMAZED! I cannot draw any kind of animal even. Remember the bunny we saw in that Aztec place? I believe it was Alison who wanted it on her paper….she didn’t recognize my attempt at a bunny. 🙂 Tell Cayden I’m totally impressed with his skill. Megan has art talent…who knows maybe there is some talent somewhere. 🙂 M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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