Construction Zone: Kids At Work


When I interviewed Dylan and Jackson for the last family newsletter, I thought it was cute that they both wanted to be a builder when they grow up.  And then I thought about it and realized- this is how they play all of the time.


We have a great set of Magformers! We love them and make cool things – like the pet shop hotel shown above.  But…. when you have to share them when everybody’s playing you feel a bit like Alison. “What can I build with my 7 pieces?” After a Sunday fiasco I decided to order another set from Amazon. Now for my favorite part of ordering online- waiting for something to arrive in the mail!


The big Legos are a favorite Sunday activity. We have 14 years’ worth of sets in a bin downstairs and there are enough to make really big things!


I love watching the whole creative process!


I love that Ashlyn still plays with everyone!


Even Alison chimes in!


Teamwork, bartering, group play… and kids that are entertained!


Now that it’s warming up they can even build outside 🙂


Finally, the big set has arrived! Dylan and his friend Alex dove right in!


Dylan and his school of fish.

Of all the toys we own, I’m only holding onto 4 toys for grandkids (is that weird that I’ve already thought this out?) Legos, Magformers, Pet Shops and Little People. But… if I keep thinking about it, I’ll start adding on….



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