Our New Trailer!


After mentally shopping for months, spending Valentine’s Day at the Outdoor/RV Expo, discussing the in’s and out’s of every single trailer out there….. we decided on the one type of trailer that we’d decided against for almost the entire time! Funny how that works! We’d pictured a long trailer with a kids’ cabin in the back with a bunk bed against each side wall! In the end, those trailers were the longest and heaviest- both stress factors. We ended up realizing that a toy hauler would actually be shorter, lighter, sturdier and still give us all of the sleeping room that we needed. All of these relieved the stresses of our tent trailer (we didn’t fit anymore) and the  heavier trailer option. It’s called a toy hauler because the far side of the trailer – behind everyone – folds down and you can drive a 4-wheeler or two inside and haul it to your destination.

After shopping for a used toy hauler and finding them all ancient and extra “used” we found a new one with all of the bells and whistles! Bunk beds that you can raise and lower just by pushing a button! A huge fridge! A microwave and small oven! A TV that you can pop down! A toilet and shower! It might feel industrial a little because there is no carpet (4-wheelers could be toted around and ruining it) but that is actually a perk because it is so easy to clean!


Celebrating our new trailer over the weekend with pizza and a movie- inside the trailer!


The day after we came home with our trailer, my good friend Corinne brought over a cake. She said, “Everything can be celebrated with cake!”  It was so much fun! The kids loved the picture and we all loved the cake. She used vanilla and almond extract when she was making the frosting which was a winning combination!


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