The Obstacle Course That Saved The Day


We love our cousins! They come over every Wednesday while Kristiena teaches piano.  This Wednesday, however, we could tell that there were definitely 10 kids in the house! They weren’t getting along, I’m reffing arguments and I could tell that Dylan was the odd man out. Dylan had pretty much reached the bottom of his barrel. It was just one of those days! I decided the best approach would simply be to spend some one-on-one time with him. He had his new remote control car so we decided to build an obstacle course for it!


It got more elaborate the further we got down the driveway. Slimy boogie monsters, quick sand, volcanoes with lava… we had a great time!


Somehow his dump truck made its way outside and it had to become part of the test!


Dylan decided that there should be different levels… kind of like a video game!


Slowly kids started trickling out to join us!


It was fun to see them working together.


Look at those guys go!


We ended the day on a great note!


I just had to show the finish lines for some of their levels! Puzzleland 🙂


They came up with some cool ones!


I sure love this guy! Nothing like some outside time, fresh air and some chalk to bring everyone back together!

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