Trampoline….. Again!


I don’t know how many days we’ve been cooped up on a chilly day and the girls want to go out and jump anyway! I know, I know… I do trampoline posts a few times a year, but I love it so much!


I started the girls in gymnastics in January and they both are doing very well! I do think the trampoline has helped them with their balance and reflexes.  It’s certainly not my strength. I am the worst at all of the Wii Fit balance games!


This blue sky almost makes it look warm out there!


Alison loves these blue shorts, even on chilly winter “almost spring” days.


Lots of laughs! Lots of energy!


It’s nice to have some time on here without the big kids 🙂


I sure love these kiddos. They bring us so much joy!


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