It’s Derby Time!


In November Matt began the derby project.  He organized a Pinewood Derby activity for the Priests and Laurels so that they could learn how to use power tools.  When we had a free Saturday, Matt would clear out the garage, fold down his work table and get to work. For practice Matt had Cayden, Ashlyn, Dylan and Jackson design and build their own derby car… plus his own of course! In January, the Priests and Laurels started meeting at our house to design their cars and work the machinery in the garage. It ended up being a huge undertaking. 

It’s Derby Time!


Jack, prepping his car


Dylan, out in the garage, painting his car


Stop! Hammer time!  (Cayden getting the wheels just right.)


Can’t Touch This! (Letting the paint dry after the final lacquer. Cars from left to right: Jackson, Dylan, a YW car, Cayden, Ashlyn, Matt)


Dylan’s car at the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby!


Dylan with his car 🙂


Dylan getting his Derby award for car with the best flames.


Now for the Priests and Laurels activity!


After the Priests and Laurels raced, they opened the floor to anyone who made a car!


Cayden got to stop in after his scout activity! (Ashlyn was still having her Young Women’s activity so her car raced but she never got to see it!)


Matt and Ashlyn’s car are neck-in-neck!


How Megan and Alison spent the evening. Ha! It was fun to watch all of the cars take shape, but I can tell that Matt is glad it will be at least a year before he has to help anyone with a Pinewood Derby car!


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