Oh What Do You Do In The Winter-Time, When All The World Is Cold (But There’s No Snow)?


Even when it’s cold, you still need outside time. Sometimes I find reasons to run errands, go to story time at the library, and my need to bake increases as the amount of outside time decreases.  But the kids are not looking for errands.  All they really want is free time… unstructured time… outside time…


Today the plan was to build a tee pee.  The picture above makes me smile! Helmets, skates, coats, shorts and snow boots- what a mix!


This project involved collecting every stick from the tree down the street that looses half of its limbs every time the wind blows.  It involved many, many trips.


It took some careful placing to get the sticks to hold.


Now comes for rock placement! Favorites from our “window well” collection and flower bed.


Voila! Creativity, imagination, energy, friends and even a bit of spotty sunshine!


I love seeing what they come up with!

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