Not long after we started planning Ashlyn’s chocolate-themed birthday party we got an invitation to a member’s preview night for the new Chocolate exhibit at the Natural History Museum. We had to go! We looked forward to it for weeks and even beat Matt there and had a chance to hang out in the museum for a little while before he caught up to us!


Cayden helping Alison build with carbon atoms!


Ashlyn exploring metal shavings in liquid using magnets.  We found that the finer the shavings were, the more you could do!


Static vs gravity


Solving all of the problems that come with building a new community….

chocolate exhibit 9 small

Now, on to the exhibit! Of course, my camera died but at least we have some blurry cell phone photos.

chocolate exhibit 10 small

We got to learn about the history of chocolate, where it’s grown, how it’s made and even were part of a chocolate tasting. We got to try part of an actual cocoa seed!

chocolate exhibit 7 small

Ashlyn is known throughout the 6th grade for her love of chocolate, so she sprung for this chocolate shirt and loves to wear it to school!

chocolate exhibit 1small

I had to include this picture- taken by Ashlyn! We tasted our chocolate and then drove home. It wasn’t until the next day that we realized we’d completely forgotten about the hot chocolate bar and chocolate goodies on the 4th floor- the perk for coming to the members-only event!


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