More Bits And Pieces From January


Still into baking pies, Ashlyn and Cali decided to make a double batch of peach pie.


They’re always so nice to include Alison! Alison just pointed out that she’s wearing her “medium” apron.


Look at these girls hard at work! And the pies were definitely tasty!


Going along with my New Year’s Resolution to try new things, I decided to make almond milk. I was just curious! No nutritional need and I’m not denouncing dairy! I’ve just always wanted to try it!

Step One: Soak one cup of almonds in water overnight

Step Two: Rinse the almonds and put it in the blender with 6-7 cups of water, a dash of salt and some vanilla. Blend

Step Three: Strain the milk with cheesecloth (that’s what’s going on the the picture above this).


This is seriously easy and seriously yummy!


The downside: No one else except for Matt really liked it that much- we’re so used to milk!  I tried to sneak it into Megan’s sippy cup but she was onto me!  Ashlyn’s allergic to almonds. I thought it made my cheerios taste amazing! It surprised me how milk-like it is! I think if I kept making it I could get some more people on my side. We had a good time making it though!


When I lived in Bountiful I had a good friend that lived down the street. We reconnected in the funniest way! Her husband accidentally hit our phone number on his cell and he quickly passed the phone to Kim because he didn’t know what to say when I answered the phone.  It was an accident that was meant to be! She has seven children – her oldest is the same age as Cayden and she finished with twins that are Alison’s age and a little girl that is Megan’s age! We’ve been getting together once a month ever since and I love it! It’s so nice to spend time with someone that I absolutely love.


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