Ashlyn’s 12th Birthday


Ashlyn spent some time planning out this party.  The BIG 1-2. 12. No more Primary. No more Activity Days.  Bring on Young Women! Bring on “growing up!”


Birthday breakfast- donuts from some yummy donut shop that’s now closed.  😦


Ashlyn’s big present was a Yamaha keyboard. I tell you, this girl likes to play the piano constantly! CONSTANTLY! She wants to play during Megan’s naps, while we’re getting the younger kids to bed at night, while someone else is doing their piano practice.  Every time is the right time…. except it’s not! Now, every time CAN be the right time- headphones included 🙂


The box was a big hit too 🙂


It comes in handy when two people want to practice the piano at the same time…. and since we have four children who take piano…. and since I want piano practice and homework done by 5pm… and since electronics are not allowed unless those two things are done… we often have two people actually rushing to the piano at the same time! Now one of them uses the keyboard with headphones and they can practice at the same time. Genius! Ashlyn loves it and most nights we hear the tapping of the keys while we’re putting little ones to bed.


Ashlyn wanted to have a “Chocolate” birthday party. We started out with fondue followed by a movie.


Next, games with a huge bowl of chocolates to munch on! We had fun shopping for these 🙂


After presents and homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches, the true madness and mayhem began!


Let’s just say that I really didn’t have to take down any of the streamers that evening 🙂 It was a fun, crazy evening filled with friends and more chocolate than I thought was possible!


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