Utah Lake


President’s day: We had a whole day to entertain ourselves with nothing but a wintery world outside and a “we’ve already spent the whole weekend in our house” as our inside option.  Luckily, Rick Soulier handed us a whole day of entertainment – walking around Utah Lake and then going bird watching.  It sounded spectacular! Our first stop was Chili’s in Orem to have a fabulous birthday lunch for my mom.  Then we picked Rick up and headed over to the lake.


This ice was thick-  you could tell that cars had driven around on it even! The snow was beautiful. It wasn’t like a blanket of fluff, it looked like little jaggedy towers of crystals.  It was so unusual!


There was on area on the lake that had a fissure that we had to investigate! (Safely, I assure you!)


It was strange to have the ice so thick and solid (it was even frozen underneath the fissure) and yet have this little opening.


Here you get a feel for how the snow was shaped. Breathtaking!


It was mostly me over here- we kept the kids near the shore, slipping and sliding around, finding cool ice formations, climbing rocks, and discovering miniature ice crevices.


We had a great time enjoying the great outdoors and doing something completely new!


Cayden helped Megan slide all over the place!


This was taken right after my slippery fall.  The story (from my newsletter):

” (We were) walking on the frozen plains of the actual lake when I totally wiped out. I was holding Dylan’s hand and like a trooper my hand flew up, I smacked him in the eye and I hit the ice back first. I had my hair in a clip and as my head hit the ice it broke all of the prongs in my clip. I’m lying there as Matt and Rick Soulier are walking away, willing myself not to black out (that’s a strange feeling). Dylan’s crying because his eye hurts, the rest of the crowd is long gone. I shuffled across the lake to the waiting van, and then didn’t get out of bed for two days. My back! I hobbled around like an old person, Matt brought me pizza in bed and I realized that chronic back pain has got to be THE WORST. Two days was enough! Mental note: Take care of your body…. and icy lakes are slippery!”


I knew my back was hurting but we still had to walk across the frozen harbor to get to the van.  The kids had so  much fun!


Jack was pure clown!

We spent the next 45 minutes or so driving around the lake trail, birdwatching and enjoying the scenery.

It was a fun day- and next time I would just be more cautious about my footing 🙂


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