Stake Conference


Another Sunday post…. Stake Conference! I love Stake Conference for many reasons.  I love the different (and shorter) schedule.  I love not having to prepare a lesson/singing time/whatever my calling is.  I also love our Stake President.  He is entertaining and inspiring!  He is to farming parables what President Uchtdorf is to airplanes analogies!  We did get to listen to President Mitchell speak and we also got a new stake presidency- a fresh, young group of men. I’m sure they will do a great job and I have to wonder if President Mitchell is happy to return to a simpler life/calling.  I think I would be anyway 🙂


By 12 pm we were home and by 1pm Matt had the trains out!


It wouldn’t be a real game of “trains” unless little figures are getting rides and deliveries are made!


Everyone takes turns at being the controller of the train 🙂


Giant pirate ships somehow became incorporated!


Jackson and Cayden disappeared downstairs for a while.  Jackson had just checked out an origami book from the school library and those two dug right in!


Alison and I made brownies together.  I can always count on her to be my baking helper!


I sure do love this family of mine!

P.S. These aren’t typical Sundays.  Sometimes older kids disappear into their rooms for the afternoon, sometimes boredom reigns supreme which leads to squabbles because for some reason that always comes with bored kids.  Sometimes we just claim “family movie” and head downstairs.  But the days that we all play together- these are my favorite and these are the days I want to remember!


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