So It’s Sunday And Your Bored, Eh?


It seems like we go through this almost every Sunday. “Mommmmmmm, I’m borrrrrrrred.” Hang onto those consonants with a plea in your voice, and you’ve got it.


Luckily something on Pinterest had caught my eye earlier in the week and this was the perfect boredom buster for a chilly Sunday evening!


We always have a paramount supply of Solo cups, Nerf guns galore and little action figures to make things interesting!


Cayden became the “go-to” guy for everything- unjamming a gun, aiming, using the scope….


If you’re an adrenaline junkie you can just lay underneath the Solo cup pyramid and wait for it to fall!


The other kids tried it and were a little too freaked out!


Even Alison got in on the action!


Jackson had to take Ashlyn’s place under the bench 🙂


Alison went “full ninja.”


They got smart and created two towers so that two people could go at a time. I saved the cups (you will not be secretly served lemonade with them at the next BBQ!) and I’m looking forward to pulling them out again! Literally hours of fun!


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