We Did It!


During the “Back to School” season in August, I challenged all of the “reading” members of my family to read the whole Book of Mormon by the end of the year.  I did this partly because I wasn’t sure if my older kids’ personal scripture reading was happening more than a few verses before bed, and partly because I knew that I’d dropped my own personal reading completely. Matt and I read scriptures together at night, and over the past 16 years we’ve read the Book of Mormon countless times.  It feels like I am a regular scripture reader, but I knew I needed a boost to get me into reading on a personal level. I let the kids pick our celebratory activity and they all pounced on going surfing at Provo Beach Resort.


We did great for a while, reading charts were filling up which was exciting…. but then as the year got busier everything started slowing down again.  Family and couple scriptures were still going strong.  Personal… not so much.  As we realized that we only had a few weeks of the year left, we jumped back into reading.  We had Sunday read-a-thons (read-a-tons) complete with snacks and blankets.


It was fun to spend cozy evenings together.  Ashlyn finished well ahead of schedule. In fact, her announcement that she’d finished kicked the rest of us into motion!  Dylan and Jack read the whole picture scriptures and finished the Sunday afternoon before the deadline.  Cayden and I read the whole day and into the night (and for me it was the late, late, late night).


Matt watched Megan and Alison while I took the older 4 to the Provo Beach Resort.  They were running a special that day so we got full day passes for all of us! We did the ropes course, mini-golfing, each person got $5 of tokens for the games (which was much more entertaining than I expected!) and an hour of surfing on the Flow Rider and lounging in the hot tub!


I know that everyone was proud of what they accomplished and I learned that family goals really elevate the family.  We build each other up and our examples help motivate each member towards the finish line!


We had a great time together!


One thing I learned though- August to December is kind of a tight schedule.  This year I’d like to do it again and start right now.  I’ll bring it up and the next FHE!


What an adventurous crew!



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