Cayden’s 14th Birthday




We started Cayden’s birthday off with a bang- a day in the mountains! It took longer than we thought it would.  When we got home I started baking a cake, ran to Target to finish off the birthday gifts, frosted the cake while the kids drew clues (for hiding the presents), made chicken wings for dinner (luckily Cayden’s favorite dinner of all time is a quick one!), fed everyone, we hunted for presents….. just in time for the baby-sitter to come so that Matt and I could take Cayden and Ashlyn to see the 2nd Hobbit. Whew! We did it!


Cayden is such a fun big brother! He is the go-to guy to set up any video game or fix any electronic mishap. If there’s a gadget, he’ll figure out how it works! He’s a thoughtful gift giver, has a fun sense of humor (he’s always cutting out comic strips) and I love talking books with him!


Megan’s one of Cayden’s special buddies. She had fun watching him be the star of the day!


Cayden’s growing up so fast- I can’t believe how much life changes in just one year (click here) or two even (click here!)


It’s been a great 14 years!


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