Cabin Fever!


January 1st, Matt and Kevin had an appointment to look at a cabin. A cabin that you couldn’t get to by car or van in the winter. This involved dressing in snow gear and bringing sleds to pull kids. One big perk was that it was up Big Cottonwood Canyon. This cabin was close! No two or three hour drives! Only 40 minutes away! DSC_0183 soft light

We parked our van and started walking/pulling sleds. It was so much fun! The sun was shining, the snow was sparkly and it was a novelty to be traveling by sled!

DSC_0205 soft light

The older kids would race ahead and then sled back to us!


We were definitely loving this cabin before we’d even seen it 🙂

DSC_0241 soft light

We had a lot of old sleds and only one “new” sled which Jackson was very happy to ride.

DSC_0265 soft light

Even Alison got into the adventurous spirit!

DSC_0278 soft light

Megan allowed herself to go on rides, although I’m not sure she loved it as much as Alison did.

DSC_0283soft light

Dylan, after a particularly hilarious crash!

DSC_0305 soft light

Megan was content to park herself in a snowbank outside the cabin and eat the snow.

DSC_0351 soft light

Ashlyn got some serious speed on the way down!


Cayden did this run about 20 times and liked skidding to a stop!

DSC_0307soft light

Alison, Andrew and Thomas


We thought we’d missed Kevin’s family, but they arrived just as we were leaving.

DSC_0312soft light

We stayed about 40 minutes too long – Megan, Dylan and Ashlyn were either past nap time, wishing they were using the new sled or soaked and cold. There is always that delicate balance that defines any fun day, right? Makes for a great group picture 🙂 We had a great time and were glad to meet up with Kevin and Margaret’s family!

PS- I think this is the day that Matt set his all time FitBit (pedometer) record for number of steps taken. I guess climbing up and down a mountain all day does a body good!



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