Christmas Morning


Christmas morning: The view from the downstairs crew! The older 4 are ready to go and there’s enough energy here to power a 3rd world country. They are trying hard not to bounce off the walls!DSC_0093small

Christmas morning: The view from upstairs. We had to wake up Alison and Megan


They know it’s Christmas, but…..


….. they found it very hard to get up.


Present opening is slow at our house. One present at a time! Jack got Legos, but the coolest thing is a remote control 4-wheeler with a laser (Dylan has one too) and they have laser battles! Ashlyn got clothes, lots of cute containers/jars, an ipod and chocolate!


Cayden got a 7×7 Rubik’s Cube. We ordered it from China in October and got it just in time.  His other favorite was a Raspberri Pi from Uncle Randy! He’s always programming and figuring out new programming languages!


Dylan, our builder!


Megan and her dress-up shoes!


Alison and Megan got a play kitchen… which also came with a phone. Alison was on her phone all Christmas morning talking to Grandma and Grandpa who were luckily always very interested in talking to her!


Chatting with Grandma!


And….. she’s back!

rong 2

Matt surprised me with a new wedding ring (my original one had been missing for 9 years and 1 move). It was gold and beautiful (I almost kept it) but Matt insisted that it was just so that I would have something to open and that he hadn’t picked it out for me to keep! So, we went ring shopping over Christmas break and I found this one. I love it so much! White gold, small diamond bands down each side. I always thought that I wasn’t a huge jewelry person, but when I wear this ring I feel so pretty and it just makes me happy! Plus I love shopping at the store with my  girls and not feeling like a single lady- sometimes you can tell people are checking for that ring. I love it and it was a huge surprise! Matt’s big gift was a Fitbit- which tracks your steps and the time of day that you’re active. It even tracks your sleep patterns- how many times you wake up and even if you’re restless when you’re sleeping. It has all of the numbers and data that a number-loving data-collector could want!

We had a happy Christmas. I love being together on Christmas morning and celebrating Christ’s birth and our love for each other!


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