Christmas Evening With The Bills!


After a relaxing Christmas afternoon, we drove down to visit Grandma and Grandpa Bills! We always have a feast, plenty of play time with all of the cousins, just as much chatting with adults – something I always look forward to!- and a visit from Santa!DSC_0150small

Isabelle and Ashlyn


The menfolk playing foozball.DSC_0155small

All of the kids crowding Santa! I love Dylan’s reflection in the glass πŸ™‚


Jackson trying to sneak a peek into Santa’s giant bag!


Cayden’s not too big to sit on Santa’s lap! (You can see he’s still working on his Rubik’s Cube!)


Cosette and Isabelle


Alison LOVING her dress-ups!


Dylan enjoying a quiet moment with Santa. Those two chatted for a while πŸ™‚

We had a nice Christmas and spent it surrounded by family. Grandma helped everyone open their presents and was excited about all of their gifts! Grandpa helped with batteries and had plenty of funny comments to go around πŸ™‚ We are so grateful for our family- both extended and our own.


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