Christmas Eve With The Lunds


My goal this month- One post a day! I’m so far behind and it’s a daunting task to catch up- especially since it means documenting Christmas and finishing out the year. I’m anxious to catch up though.  Even now when we have things going on, I think “I can’t wait to write about this!” and then I remember that I’m stuck back at Christmas on this blog/journal.  Ugh. I hate being this far behind.

Baby steps! One post a day is manageable, right?!

Now, to Christmas!

Our tradition is spending Christmas Eve with Matt’s family and Christmas Day with mine.  Luckily that’s what each family celebrates as a group the most anyway, so we’ve never had to rotate years or families- it works out perfectly! This year we celebrated with the Lunds on the 23rd which was so nice!  Our little family had Christmas Eve to ourselves- we drove around and looked at lights and had a peaceful evening.DSC_0028small

This year the Lund kids all pitched in to get Grandma Lund a new hearing aids. This is not really something we could go out and buy for her, so instead Matt picked up 10 American Express gift cards and wrapped each one up. He had such a good time and made sure each one looked a little different and put fun little notes on each one. All through gift time grandma would get a different card from one of her Lund elves. Definitely memorable 🙂 (Photographer- Matt)


The Yorgason family as photographed by Dylan.


Cayden’s talent: Solving a Rubik’s Cube under a minute (I think) after passing it around the whole room and letting each person mess it up. It was tight but he did it!


Jackson hanging out with Andrew. When Andrew got his mission call I was telling all of the kids where he was going (Helsinki, Finland) and Jackson’s face just fell. I asked him what was wrong, and he said, “But mom, he’s my favorite one.” We’ve worked out a letter writing campaign which made Jackson feel better.


Ashlyn played a duet with Kristiena for her talent!


Megan playing with Kaleb, one of her favorite cousins!


Dylan, looking like it’s been a long night, also played the piano and is enjoying time with Margaret who is one of his favorite aunts. This is an aunt who makes the best green pancakes (I still hear about these pancakes!), reads Curious George in the middle of a couch-and-blanket fort and who takes the time to make this little guy feel special. My boys seriously love Kevin and Margaret’s family.


Grandma Lund holding the newest little grandchild, Brigham Yorgason.


Ben sporting his new hat!


Maylee, Alison and Ashlyn – these girls are always together!

We sure enjoy family and are glad for the strength, friendship and love that we share.


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