Let It Snow!


I didn’t know it at the time- this was to be our only “Big Snow” of the whole winter if my memory serves right (I’m typing this in March). Luckily we threw on our snow gear and took advantage.


Dylan threw himself into building a snow fort.


Ashlyn, Jackson and Alison went to work on a snowman. I love the candy cane mustaches!


Here’s how they look after I’m done taking pictures (the candid shot): Ashlyn’s grooming the snowman, Jackson’s back to eating snow and Alison will smile like normal 🙂


Dylan included a built-in peep hole in his fort- the only way to stay safe while scoping out approaching snowball throwers!


We probably would have tackled sledding at the Top of the World park if we’d have known this was the only big storm where the snow actually stuck – but it was also nice to hang out in the front yard, build and shovel. Megan took a power nap and Cayden was tucked away with a book. We came inside and pulled out the Coco-Motion and made frothy hot chocolate for everyone. A cozy afternoon indeed!


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