Family Pictures


It’d been two years since we’d had our family pictures taken! I’m glad for the chance to document what we look like in 2013! We look great, I get to be IN the picture, and someone else gets to make my whole family smile! Out of the hundreds of pictures we came home with, these are my favorite ones.














It was Ashlyn’s idea to have this picture taken of herself. Now my handwriting will be preserved through the ages as well as her love for chocolate! We’ve already used this picture for her chocolate-themed birthday invitations and her class valentines. Such a fun idea!


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  1. Oh what a very special family. I have always felt that your family looked like YOUR family, and that you look just like your mom. However, I’ve also always said that most of our boys are just like the Hekkings. Well, Matt still definitely looks like the Hekking brothers (my dad’s brothers) but so does Dylan, I recognize the eyes in Megan that belong somewhere in my family. SO, I guess there is the combination of the two of you in those precious children. You and Matt look really great in all of them. I love Ashlyn’s with her hair sort of around her face.. . I’d hate to have to choose my favorite! Love ya all, M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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