Our adventures continue…. Thanksgiving Break!


Thanksgiving break was a truly a  break- a break from school, from constant structure and a perfect lull before the busyness of December.

(I spell-checked that one, “busyness” just looks so WRONG!).

I was listening to NPR one afternoon while I was driving carpool and the conversation I tuned-into mentioned the reasons they love Thanksgiving.  It’s all about gathering family and delicious food without the stress of shopping/getting gifts.  I love Christmas- its meaning and magic can’t compare- but I really did appreciate the low-stress.  Just sit back and enjoy!


Michael and Anna Lena flew over from Germany and we got to meet their little Banyon for the first time! Grandma made cookies, cousins played and I basked in holding a sweet, snugly baby.


Thanksgiving break brought the start of an unusual project- having the kids make pinewood derby cars! Matt suggested that the boy scouts have a pinewood derby so that they could have a chance at learning how to use power tools themselves (no dads!).  This conveniently meant that we needed to buy some fun power tools and set up a work station in the garage (notice the heater to the left! Cold!).


Some of the kids were “fair-weather” enthusiasts…. meaning they did NOT keep Matt company in the garage. Not Jackson. He is as enthusiastic as is gets 🙂


Jackson even got to use the drill press himself which is a thing to be proud of!


My Aunt Karen and Uncle Joel were in town along with my cousins and cute Bryanna. We were lucky that they had a free evening to spend visiting!


On Friday we made a list of things that the kids wanted to do over the weekend (and I seriously needed to pick up a few things from Costco). Maybe they were hungry when we made this list? 🙂 We did eat yummy food and tiny food which involved cutting up anything we could think of into tiny pieces (sandwiches, cheese, sausage, apples) and eating them with toothpicks. We did every single thing which is not usually how my “To Do” lists end up (thus the reason I had to click a quick picture of this list)! The ultimate surprise was a lunch outing with Mar and Kara on Saturday at Pizza Pie Cafe. Marley Maxine has a special spot in my heart. I love getting together with these guys!


Cayden learned how to change the breaks on Grandma’s Subaru and even did one set on his own. I was so impressed!


We threw some crazy dancing into the mix!


Ashlyn was the one who put “Look at Pet’sMart” on the list. She loves animals and wanted to show everyone around.


It was a big hit. Megan and Alison were enthralled with every display and would get so excited when a baby hamster would crawl out of his house/cave/party-zone.


This last shot was my favorite. We used the buddy system. Ashlyn & Megan (in front holding hands), and Alison & Jackson. Not pictured: Cayden & Dylan using the buddy system at home playing Wii.


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