The day was finally here- Halloween! I’d spent the day cleaning the house, getting everything back to normal after Wednesday’s sewing frenzy.  Finally on top of things again!  Minutes after homework/studying for spelling tests we changed into costumes and walked over to Lisa’s house.  My parents brought over FIVE pizzas and we got to see all of the cousins in their costumes.  Everyone always wants to see what costume Grandpa picks. This year? The Hulk! We loved it! 


After pizza and pictures we headed out for trick-or-treating.


I think they ran to every house for two blocks! And then finally slowed down just a little 🙂


Summer, Caleb, Jackson and Ethan


The neighborhood was full of fun costumes and gadgets.  We ran into “death” (I think) and this guy had spent the last few months working on this costume.  It was full of levers and pulleys inside!


A gorilla stopped us on our way


One house had a ghost flying around the yard. It had a walkie-talkie attached to it and talked to the kids as it flew around.


The park had a theater set up playing a Michael Jackson movie (I had to Google it- it’s called “Ghosts.”) I had no idea what was coming so when Michael Jackson pulled off his face and only a skull was left, it was time to GO.  Alison and Kate were done.  Dylan, Ethan and Jackson were curious.  They begged us for the rest of the evening to go back and finish the movie.


We did go back and finish it.  And it WAS freaky, but during the credits they showed the make-up and how they created the monsters and that made it so it wasn’t “real.” Right after that “Thriller” started.  That scared Jackson A LOT more than “Ghosts.” A lot more.  I had to explain everything to him through the whole movie. Michael Jackson likes to dance. He wanted to make a Halloween video so he had all of his dancers wear Halloween costumes to make the video.  It all made sense, he didn’t want to leave anymore.  Right as we were getting ready to leave the Headless Horseman galloped across the park and stopped right in front of us.  Real horse. Real guy. Head in a bag. (Jeff took a great picture here).  Jackson hid behind me.  We could feel the horse’s breath.  Too real for him.  I explained the costume trick to Jack (his head’s in his shirt. But you can see the blood? He spray painted the top of his head red so that’s what you see at the top of his shirt- not a bloody stump of a neck.) I was worried about bad dreams – that was a lot of scary things for one night.  


Meanwhile, back at the house, Cayden had friends over to watch “Monster’s University” and play games.  When Ashlyn heard that Justin wasn’t trick-or-treating this year, she decided to crash Cayden’s party and joined right in!


They watched the movie, had root beer floats, played games and ate popcorn.


A fun night for all. No bad dreams- whew! 


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