Ward Carnival


This was a fun “costume” Halloween.  I’m always glad that the ward carnival gives me an early deadline to get costumes finished.  I’m usually a wreck that whole day, sewing and getting everything ready!  I was SO going to avoid that this year.  I bought all of the material last Saturday and did a lot of sewing over the weekend and through the week, but still worked on costumes all day Wednesday.  They turned out great! I always think that things will go faster than they do…. but it all gets done.

DSC_0068small  DSC_0067small

 Ashlyn knew right away that she wanted to be a vampire.  It all hinged in the cape.  It had to be cute and spooky. I watched a YouTube video about a million times, tweaked the idea, made it reversible, and Ashlyn loved that the hood.  If you pull it all the way forward it covers her identity completely! I love the red lining- Maybe “Little Red Riding Hood” in the future? She was anti-fang (uncomfortable/hard to talk) and anti-blood (yuck), so this is all her!! 

DSC_0070small DSC_0098small

Years ago Leslie sent us a package full of Halloween costumes they’d outgrown and we’ve put them all to good use, except for this witch costume.  Everyone’s always opted for the dogs (Jackson was a dog for 3 Halloweens!) and other animals.  As we were going through our costumes earlier in October, Alison fell in LOVE with this witch costume.  Ashlyn really wanted her to wear the butterfly costume since she’d worn it when she was about Alison’s age, but no.  Alison’s mind was made up!  She would tell everyone (whether they asked or not) that she was going to be a WITCH for Halloween! 

DSC_0076small DSC_0084small

Megan, surprisingly, fit into her costume from last year. Yay! However, the day of the ward carnival she hated costumes of any kind.  She was so angry about changing into weird clothes.  Ashlyn spent a good 45 minutes having her try on other costumes and dress-ups, but the only thing Megan would put up with was a cape (no shirt) and a fairy leaf skirt which covered almost nothing of her diaper.  A basically naked fairy queen? Nope.  I took over and maybe the 20 costume changes with Ashlyn helped her get over weird clothes phobia- she let me put her pumpkin costume on and fix her hair.  That was a success I was grateful for!

DSC_0088small DSC_0089small

Jackson knew he wanted to be Iron Man for Halloween day, but he wanted to wear his much loved Super Man cape for the carnival.  He loves to show off his moves!

DSC_0099small DSC_0106small

Dylan as Batman.  I loved making this cape, especially the bottom!  I even put velcro on it so he could put it on and take it off by himself.  If it works (ie- isn’t itchy or uncomfortable) I might add that to Jackson’s.

DSC_0113small DSC_0117small

I spent about all of Wednesday working on Cayden’s wizarding robes.  I wanted to take him to get a hair cut a few weeks ago and he told me I had to wait until after Halloween because he needed Harry Potter hair.  Perfect!  The youth run the carnival so Cayden helped with that.  This is Ashlyn’s last year- next year she’ll be helping too.  I can tell she’s ready though.  She didn’t collect candy- she just took Megan and Alison around to all of the stations and helped them.  She is such a good big sister!

DSC_0129small DSC_0130small

Alison visiting Matt at the cotton candy booth!  The day of the carnival I made Matt a cowboy vest so he could be Woody from Toy Story.  It was much too small, so it turned out that I had a costume!  My grand plan was to be Jessie and for Matt to be Woody.  Next year….  

DSC_0118small DSC_0121small

Megan and Ashlyn sharing cotton candy.  I loved Parker’s pants. Seriously! Ever time I saw them it made me smile!  He’s helping Dylan with a pinata.  They made pinatas for each child to break!  

DSC_0116small DSC_0140small

Matt manning the cotton candy booth.  Megan taking a break with Elle.  Man was she tuckered out!  

It was a good evening, fun to see everyone in costumes and nice to let the kids run around and play games with friends! Success!


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  1. Awesome capes and costumes – they turned out so well! Too funny that Megan was not in a weird clothes mood -totally understandable. I loved watching Megan and Elle buddy up and eat candy together.

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