Scary Story Contest


Do you ever have those moments where you think, “No matter what, I am going to do that.  Not for you, or you, or you, but for myself!” That’s how I felt about this Scary Story Contest.  That’s how this all began.  When we moved here I saw a poster for this contest and I thought, “I should do that sometime.” Every year I think that.  So when I was at story time with Megan and Alison and the beginning of October, Lori (the librarian who does storytime) announced the details and I decided right then that this was the year.  No matter what.  Matt had those two work trips. I had plenty of evenings  to type something up.  Some nights while Matt was gone, the kids would see me pull out the laptop and start writing.  They were interested and liked the beginning.  Dylan and Jackson wanted to do it too!  So every night for three or four nights they worked on their scary story.  We had so much fun! The rules- it has to be 3000 words or less, 12 pages or less.  I ended up with 16 pages and almost 6000 words.  Dylan and Jackson finished theirs, illustrated them even (so cute) and the day it was due I was frantically trying to chop mine down.  To no avail. I just couldn’t whittle it down.  Strange problem, right? The story’s there.  I just couldn’t get rid of enough.  I finally had to thrust Dylan and Jackson’s stories into Matt’s hands.  He drove straight to the library just as they were locking up and got them in a minute before the deadline.  I was so discouraged! Why didn’t I get mine in?!!  The good news is that I have a great rough draft that I can pull out and keep working on next year.

The great news is that Dylan and Jackson totally rocked their age division (6-8 year olds).  The library had a reception before they announced the awards complete with cookies and winning stories laid out across tables.  Every time someone picked up one of their stories to read they totally beamed.  It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! They were so proud!  Instead of announcing 1st, 2nd, 3rd for this age group, they just picked the top 5 and awarded them all $15. They are both going to buy Pokemon cards and are absolutely thrilled!


THE SCARIEST HALLOWEEN STORY EVER by Dylan Lund (minus the illustrations)

Once there was a ghost and a skeleton. They were best friends. When they were two they found each other and wanted to be friends.  

One day they went into a haunted house that everyone was scared of.  It had a big witch that they had to catch and put in a big bag made of lava or a lava pit.  They tip toed up the front stairs and stepped on a trap door. It was a big hole and they fell into a bed so they wouldn’t get hurt.  They found all of the things they were scared of. The worst were the sea monsters that can breathe out of water. When you see them they look like the thing you are scared of the most. When ghost looked at the sea monster he saw a vacuum cleaner that could suck him up.  Skeleton was most afraid that a dog would chew him up and bury him in the yard.  When they saw the sea monster they screamed and ran away through a group of sea monsters that had followed them. They were trying to get to the stairs to get out of the basement.  They ran up the stairs and crashed right into the witch. The witch was mad. She looked just like the bad witch they were supposed to catch.  They pulled a giant sling-shot out and slung her into their red net. Under the net was their big bag that they were using to hold their Halloween candy.  Right when she fell into the net she exploded into lots of candy. She was really a piñata full of Halloween candy.  Ghost and skeleton went home that night with lots of Halloween candy. They figured out that the Halloween house was really a ride at the carnival. They went home and asked if they could go to the carnival again. 

They went back to the carnival to go on other rides there like the Ferris wheel with ghosts in front of their seats. Ghost was happy about that ride because he thought the ghosts could be his friends too…. But then he was sad because he realized they were just statues. They went on a scary UFO ride where the center was made of aliens. There was scary music playing. There was a chair that would bring you up to a platform. At the edge was a big slide. The slide was very slippery so you would almost fly off the edge. You’d land on a ghost shaped trampoline. There were so many rides that they couldn’t go on all of them. There was another ride with rocket ships with bars connecting to the center and the rocket ships would spin and raise up at the same time. Their most favorite ride of all, though, was the haunted house.



DARTH VADER’S HALLOWEEN PARTY by Jackson Lund (minus the illustrations)

Once upon a time there were two Halloween guys. There was a vampire and a ghost that was scared of everything. He was scared of the wall, the floor, shoes and everything.

They decided to go to Darth Vader’s Halloween party. They had to dress up in a costume. The vampire decided to dress up as Darth Maul. The ghost didn’t want to dress up as anything because he was too afraid.

They took a bus to the party. Everyone on the bus was crazy except for the vampire. He was quiet.

It was Halloween and so they got there and played scary games. They played Halloween tag this is how you play it. It’s just like tag but you play it on Halloween. The only rule is that you have to take your costume off. Vampire was okay with it but ghost was too scared to play tag. Vampire tried to help ghost to not be afraid. He told ghost that he wouldn’t get run over and hurt because he was a ghost. Ghost was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to tag people since he’s a ghost. Vampire said ghost could just use his special power and still be able to tag people. That helped ghost a lot. He decided to be brave.

The game of Halloween tag started. Ghost did it! Ghost was the best because he was a ghost. None of the guys could touch him! It made everyone laugh and ghost made a lot of good friends.

Darth Vader made up a new game that nobody had ever played before. He gave everybody light sabers that weren’t real but lighted up. Darth Maul didn’t need one because he already had one. There were all sorts of colors of lightsabers- red, green, yellow, purple, and rainbow. Are you guessing that rainbow is the best? It is the best! There was also a zig zag one which was the second best. They wacked each other with their light sabers and everyone pretended to fall and be dead if they were hit. When ghost got hit he flew out of the house and hid in a bush. Vampire was the best at the game and got a prize. His prize was all of the trick-or-treat candy that Darth Vader had, so Darth Vader had to go to the store really quick and buy some more.

Ghost and vampire had a fun time and the party.



After the awards we let Dylan and Jackson pick the route we’d take to get home.  They drove us all around our neighborhood.  Then we heard whispering and giggling in the back seat and then they started saying, “Turn left!” or “Turn right!” until we ended up and Grandma and Grandpa Lund’s house!  They thought they had played the best joke on us ever! We had a great time visiting, Dylan and Jackson loved the attention and showing off their stories and we came home with chocolate!


It was such a fun evening! I have to say that when I told Matt that they’d gotten an email saying their stories were so good they’d gotten a prize (we didn’t know what) Matt said, “That’s from me!” I was like, “What?!!” I gave them the idea, I sat them down, I had them illustrate it…. I totally guided them there.  But before I could say a word, Matt said, “It’s because we tell stories every night before bed.  I tell them a story and then they make up a story and tell it to me.” It’s so true! They have the best imagination and I do know that it is from using it all of the time with Matt.  I wish it came as easily to me! When Cayden and Ashlyn were younger I read to them all of the time at night.  We read the whole Percy Jackson series, the Peter and the Star Catchers series- you name a series and we probably read it.  Dylan and Jackson aren’t really interested in that.  They want Matt’s crazy stories.  I love it!  And they are learning so many things from that as well!  I’m so glad Matt takes the time to do it!


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  1. I love it! I love the stories – so creative! I love that I can hear them saying it practically in their own voice, it makes me laugh. I love that the skeleton was afraid the dog would bury him in the backyard, and in Jackson’s, that the rainbow colored light saber was of course the best color. Hope you can get your story in next year. So fun. 🙂

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